Dedicated To Helping Others Reach Their Full Potential

What is the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program?

 The Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program began as a grassroots initiative in 1986. Alice Brown and Priscilla Krum, two very devoted women were on a mission to register voters in Wayne County. They soon realized that the illiterate had little voice in their community and the world. These two women had a vision for the future – this included a society in which every citizen could be a well-informed voter.

With an initial $200.00 in donations from the Hawley Women’s Club and the Rotary Club of Hamlin, books and materials were purchased for several tutors and students who met around Alice Brown’s dining room table in her Lake Ariel home.

Today our program has grown to reach far into the 1,275 square mile area of Wayne and Pike Counties. Over 3,330 adult students have been helped and over 530 volunteers have been trained. There are many heartwarming stories of adults who have learned to read and write. Many have met goals that would have been far beyond their reach if not for the free tutoring services offered by the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program.

Today’s mission of the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program is to provide educational skill improvement for adults who face barriers and challenges to their educational goals.

The Vision of the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program is to support adults in their endeavors to function as literate and contributing members of society.

As a member of ProLiteracy America we share in the philosophy of ProLiteracy’s goals, which are:

  • To create a comprehensive and fully coordinated adult literacy and basic education system
  • To ensure that all adults with limited literacy skills have the opportunity to pursue appropriate educational or job credentialing opportunities
  • To assist adults to fulfill their human potential and to participate fully in society

Testimonials from Tutors

“Dear Maddie,

I want to share with you what happened during my last tutoring session. Since school is out for the summer, my student had to bring her two youngest children with her, eleven and six. The Assistant Director at the Milford library helped immeasurably. Linda issued library cards for my student and her two children. The children were so excited about having their own cards and immediately went to the children’s section and started looking for books while my student and I had a lesson. In addition my student was able to enroll her son in the summer reading program. My student’s learning has sparked her children’s interest in reading and has also given them an opportunity to learn what the library has to offer, which is considerable.

I am so proud to be a part of a program that fosters life long learning opportunities, not only for adults, but for their families, either by example or new experiences. Thank you for all the time and work that you put into the program.”

– Alice Molampy, WPALP Volunteer Tutor

“The change in my student’s demeanor and skill levels since I began working with her has been dramatic. Her math skills were at second grade level….. now approximately ninth… she seemed timid and embarrassed by her lack of skills. We worked more on math than anything else, although we spent quite a bit of time on interpreting maps and graphs. She now smiles more often and talks about her educational plans post G.E.D.

I’m so proud of all she has been able to accomplish this far… while being an involved mother to five children and caring for a husband who is on disability.” – Gloria Talman, WPALP Tutor