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Due of course to current conditions, our JEOPARDY QUIZ SHOW has been re-scheduled from May 2nd until September 26, 2020  all other parameters being the same. There will be many announcements leading up to the date of the event. After this spring and summer we will all need a great time to unwind and have fun. We will see you there.

About Us


How We're Helping

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better place. The Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program began as a grassroots initiative in 1986. Alice Brown and Priscilla Krum, two very devoted women, were on a mission to register voters in Wayne County. They soon realized that the illiterate had little voice in their community and the world. These two women had a vision for the future – this included a society in which every citizen could be a well-informed voter. With an initial $200.00 in donations from the Hawley Women’s Club and the Rotary Club of Hamlin, books and materials were purchased for several tutors and students who met around Alice Brown’s dining room table in her Lake Ariel home. Today our program has grown to reach far into the 1,275 square mile area of Wayne and Pike Counties. Over 3,330 adult students have been helped and over 530 volunteers have been trained. There are many heartwarming stories of adults who have learned to read and write. Many have met goals that would have been far beyond their reach if not for the free tutoring services offered by the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program.

Today’s mission of the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program is to provide educational skill improvement for adults who face barriers and challenges to their educational goals.

The Vision of the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program is to support adults in their endeavors to function as literate and contributing members of society.

As a member of ProLiteracy America we share in the philosophy of ProLiteracy’s goals, which are:

  • To create a comprehensive and fully coordinated adult literacy and basic education system
  • To ensure that all adults with limited literacy skills have the opportunity to pursue appropriate educational or job credentialing opportunities
  • To assist adults to fulfill their human potential and to participate fully in society.

Being Remembered

Do you want to leave a lasting, positive legacy  to your community, changing a families whole world by giving them the ability to gain employment or better employment to become a contributing member of our great community. Speak to your financial adviser about your estate planning to include this important and needed program


Get Involved

How We're Helping

How We're Helping

Are you passionate about what we're doing? Let us know! We are always looking for volunteers to help us make our vision a reality. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join the team!  

How to become a Tutor

WPALP provides individualized tutor training by a WPALP tutor trainer. Tutor training also includes an orientation, overview of program history, policies and procedures. Typically tutors meet with a student twice per week for one and one half hours each session. Tutor help to improve educational skills in Reading, Math, English Language and prepare students for GED, Drivers Permit and Citizenship tests. Tutors and students are carefully matched taking into consideration the educational needs of the student including convenient times and location for both tutor and student.

Tutoring sessions are held in public places such as library branches in both Wayne and Pike Counties, some community agencies and houses of worship. Some tutors volunteer tutoring services at both Wayne and Pike County Correctional Facilities. 


Are you qualified?


· Good Oral and written communication skills.

· The ability to relate comfortably with others, patience, flexibility and compassion.

· A positive attitude toward adult learners.

· Willingness to work with adults of varying skills and cultural backgrounds. No foreign language skills are necessary.


· High School Diploma or GED

· Experience in some aspect of one-on-one or small group instruction


Why Should I Care?

36 million adults in the US have limited English or reading skills and more than 60 million can’t do simple math.

Low-skilled adults are: 2X more likely to be unemployed

3X as likely to be in poverty

4x as likely to be in poor health

8x as likely to be incarcerated

By 2020, the American Action Forum projects that the US will be short an estimated 7.5 million private sector workers across all skill levels.

29% Inmate participation in adult education reduced recidivism by 29%, making communities safer.

Adults with a high school diploma or GED were more likely to work full time and average 20% higher earnings ($30,000) than those without a diploma.

In a recent survey, 92% of business leaders thought that US workers were not as skilled as they needed to be since 63% of all US jobs require education beyond high school. 


Thank You

How We're Helping

Thank You

 Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program

1406 North Main Street, 3rd floor



WPALP Board Members

Annette Petry, President

Sandy Lefort, Vice President

Priscilla Krum, Founder

Derek Bellinger, Treasurer

Meghan Dombrink-Green, Secretary

Carol W. McManus

Kathleen E. Martin ESQ.


Gary D. Linton, Executive Director 

and thanks to all of the locations that allow us to tutor within Wayne and Pike Counties.

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Consortium Members:

Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance

Northampton Community College

Wayne County Employment & Training Center

Pike County Workforce Alliance

Pike County Public Library

PHEAA – Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency

Wayne Library Alliance

TRIO – Educational Opportunity Centers

Way Pike Adult Literacy Program

Grant Partners

Wayne Pike Workforce Alliance

Lackawanna College

Wayne County Public Library

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Northampton Community


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Student Resources

Students who come to WPALP are looking to complete their GED, better their reading, writing or math skills, or learn the English language.  Many are unable to attend adult education classes due to lack of transportation, unpredictable work schedules, and a multitude of family responsibilities.  For these students, one-on-one instruction is the best solution.  Our tutors meet with students twice per week at a convenient time and location.

Literacy  –  GED Prep  –  Math Skills  –  ELS - Adult Continuing Education for a Better Job or Advancement - College Prep -Military ASVAB Prep - Citizen Test Prep

All programs are completely free of charge, personal and confidential. Tutoring is available for adults, 17 and older, who are residents of Wayne County or Pike Counties.

  • One-on-One tutoring sessions with a trained WPALP volunteer
  • Individualized lessons plans
  • All study materials provided at no cost to the student


Completing your high school education is closer than you think. WPALP will provide instruction and materials, which can amount to $600.00 per Tutor - Student pairing depending on Student's starting literacy-levels.  You provide the willingness, time and commitment.


Tutor Resources


Why Become a Tutor?

Being a literacy tutor is an extremely rewarding experience, you can literally change the whole world for a student and their families. Tutors help people improve their lives, resulting in a positive, life-long impact on their communities. Our students’ needs can be great. By tutoring, you can open a new world to them — and you just might learn something new about yourself along the way. Every student and every tutor has an interesting, powerful story to tell. Tutoring isn’t the only way to help.  We invite you to contribute your time and talents in any way you are able.

How to become a Tutor?

WPALP provides individualized tutor training by a WPALP tutor trainer certified by Pro Literacy of America. Tutors commit to meet with a student twice per week for one and a half hour sessions.  These sessions are held in public places conveniently located for both tutors and students. Tutors and students are carefully matched, taking into consideration the educational needs of the student and availability and location of both student and teacher.

Are you qualified?

  • High School diploma or GED
  • Experience in some aspect of one-on-one or small group instruction
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • The ability to relate comfortably with others
  • Patience, flexibility and compassion
  • A positive attitude toward adult learners
  • Willingness to work with adults of varying skills and cultural backgrounds (no foreign language skills necessary)
  • Attending initial training and quarterly Tutor workshops for information and help.

For additional information: Proliteracy Tutor Resources


Our Dedicated Tutors

Years of Service - 5 Year Intervals

IN MEMORIAL Tutors who have passed

Years of Service - 5 Year Intervals

  Audrey Wenders 25 years

Annette Petry 15 years

Diane Gaffney 10 years

Donna Jennings 10 years

Carol Linkiewicz 10 years

Helen Barr 5 years

Carol Martinkovitch 5 years

John Martinkovitch 5 years

Victoria Smith 5 years

Joan Smith 5 years

John Williams 5 years

Volunteer Hours

IN MEMORIAL Tutors who have passed

Years of Service - 5 Year Intervals

 50 Hours Tutoring

Babara Cimorelli

Donna Colby

Lisa Hutchinson

Betty Jane Moulton

Nancy McCallum

100 Hours

Leo Kelly

Faye White

500 Hours

Victoria Smith

Audry Wenders

1,000 Hours

Diane Gaffney

Total Hours -  3,250. Hours

Annette Petry

IN MEMORIAL Tutors who have passed

IN MEMORIAL Tutors who have passed

IN MEMORIAL Tutors who have passed

 Mary Aschenbrenner

Josephine Brakenridge

Dorothy Brautigam

Alice Brown

Joseph Butera

Florence Butera

Jim Colbert

Vi Darnell

Gladys Ficken

Laura Finkeldie

Cynthia Gramith

Robert Kristin

Jack Linshaw

Betina MacLean

Joann Nell

Rose Robacker

Emilie Shadel

Doris Sporer

Patricia Yates

Joan Smith

James Maneval

Tutoring Pairing & Locations

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

As you can see by the site lists that we use many permanent locations to tutor. We will also use temporary sites as needed. All sites are public sites. Tutors do not tutor at student's homes, and student's do not study in Tutor's homes.

Pairing of Tutor and Student

A Tutor - Student pair is determined by :

  • Home location of Student and Tutor. We try to make it as easy as possible for the pair to meet. It does not help the program if Tutor and Student cannot get to the tutoring sessions.
  • Student's beginning literacy level: After the initial testing to enter the program, we pair the Student with a Tutor adept in the Student's challenged areas - Reading, Math, Science, History etc.

Wayne County Tutoring Locations

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

 Wayne County Sites 

Wayne County Public Library 1406 N Main Street, Honesdale PA 18431

Beach lake United Methodist Church Route 652, Beach Lake PA 18405

Central United Methodist Church Church Street, Honesdale PA 18431

China Castle Restaurant  1143 Main Street, Honesdale PA 18431

Community Library of Lake and Salem Townships Easton Turnpike Rte. 191, Hamlin PA 18427

Community Library of Mount Pleasant  120 South Church Street, Pleasant Mount PA 18453 

Hawley Public Library  103 Main Avenue, Hawley PA 18428

Happy day Restaurant 631 Roosevelt Hwy., Waymart PA 18472

Wayne County Job Training Office 10th Street, Honesdale PA 18431

Northern Wayne Community Library

11 Library Road, Lakewood, PA 18439

Wayne County Correctional Facility 44 Mid-Wayne Drive, Honesdale PA 18431

Pike County Tutoring Locations

Tutoring only takes place in public venues

Pike County Tutoring Locations


Pike County Sites 

Pike County Public Library 119 E. Harford Street, Milford PA 18337

Dingman Township Library Log Tavern Road, Milford PA 18337

First Presbyterian Church of Milford Broad Street, Milford PA 18337

Pike County extension Office West Broad Street, Milford PA 18337

Pike County Workforce Development Route 6, Shohola PA 18458

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church East High Street, Milford PA 18337

St. Vincent's Catholic Church Route 739, Lords Valley, PA 18428

TREHAB of Pike County Route 739, Lords Valley, PA 18428

Lehman Township Municipal Building 193 Municipal Drive, Bushkill, PA 18324 

Pike County Correctional Facility Route 739, Lords Valley, PA 18428

Student Stories

Here is a small cross section of some of our stories


Carmen came to our program seeking help with the English language. Carmen passed her Manicurist licenses for NY and PA in the spring of 2011. During the time she was studying for these licenses she came to another decision and told her tutor, Pat Ware that she wanted to become a US citizen and study to take the United States Citizenship test. Right away Pat drove to our office to get the Citizenship study materials and began teaching Carmen to study for the test. The day that Carmen was taking (and passing) her Citizenship test, Pat drove over to the Farrel’s home and lined their driveway with dozens of little American Flags in celebration of Carmen becoming an American Citizen. Carmen and her husband were thrilled to see this display of their patriotism upon returning home from Philadelphia. That is the kind of dedication, commitment and love that Wayne Pike Adult Literacy volunteers bring to the program!


Spring’s story

When she first came to us for help she assessed at less than first grade in reading and math. She dropped out of high school because her family was frustrated with the school district’s special education system. Pairing Spring with a retired reading specialist is one of the special bonus’s of our program. Many dedicated teachers seek us out when they retire because they love teaching and want to continue. Spring met with her tutor once each week for 3 hours. Spring had many challenges in her life at this time. She worked full time on the night shift in a factory without advancement because she couldn’t take the placement test to advance. She shared the care for her invalid grandmother with her sister and babysat during the day while her sister went to work. She learned to read! She is a very determined woman. WPALP honored. That same year Spring started a home business with AVON. She is doing very well with the AVON business and has made huge advances in their sales department. She is reading at a high school level now and has overcome her barriers and challenges to learning!


Shorty’s story 

Shorty was 58 when he entered our program and could not read or write. His tutor was Rose Robacker. This excerpt from Rose recounts her first meeting with “Shorty”. “I went to his home which was a large, early 1800’s house with white pillars.” Rose recalled. As she entered Shorty’s house for the first time, she was astounded by what she saw. Shorty’s home was an art gallery filled with the most amazing collection Rose had ever seen, She asked if she could look at his art collection. Shorty showed her through 4 floors of sculptures, Majolica and Tramp Art which was made by Hobo’s during the depression years. Most of the art in Shorty’s home are pieces he has restored after finding them at garage sales. ” His knowledge of each piece was phenomenal,” Rose said. “He talked of Aphrodite and the Napoleonic Era!” Rose did question why she was there as she listened to this intelligent and knowledgeable man. As they sat in Shorty’s dining room and Rose began the paperwork to enroll him in the program, Shorty and told her of his severe dyslexia. He could only recognize three letters of the alphabet on the program’s assessment tool, however he could write his name in cursive handwriting! 

“However, did you learn to write your name?” Rose asked him, “It’s a design that I memorized” was Shorty’s quick answer. “Incredible!” Rose exclaimed. She began tutoring Shorty with Skill Book 1 in the Laubach Way to Reading series. Finally, a significant day came for Shorty. He was so proud that he could write a note for Rose to let her know he was at his neighbor’s house and he would be back in a few minutes for their tutoring session. After retiring in 2009 Rose moved out of state. Rose and Shorty are very satisfied with Shorty’s accomplishments. Today Shorty is able to read well enough to function in today’s society and he is so grateful to Rose for taking her time to teach him how to read and write!


Monika’s story 

Monika moved to the Poconos in 1988. “I was a single parent with two small children. I graduated High School but never really learned to read and write very well. When my children were in school I was unable to help them with their English and Reading homework and that was hard for all of us. I worked full time at Corey Associates for several years and met my husband there. We met in 1999 and married in 2001. We owned a store for a short time and I enjoyed that very much. We sold it and moved to Fawn Lake Forest where we live today. My husband heard about your program and convinced me that it was never too late to learn. My tutor was Carol Rick. She worked with me for three years. I'm glad I had Carol because she pushed me to do things I did not know I could do. She is a great teacher. I can now read and write much better. I'm not perfect and will continue to learn but I feel much more confident thanks to Carol and I'm no longer afraid to try.”


Diana’s story

Diana was born in Taiwan. She came to America in 1983. She tells us she moved a lot. She lived in several states and for many years she was surrounded only by Chinese people, Chinese food, Chinese movies, and Chinese language. Her first job was as a bus girl where she worked long hours and it was hard work. She still works in a restaurant but now she is the manager, not a a busgirl. Diana moved to Honesdale in 2003 and found the Wayne Pike Adult Literacy Program. The program has changed her life. She tells us she has become more powerful and assertive because she has learned how to read English and use a computer. Her life in America gets better every day. She can read a novel in three weeks, she is a volunteer for the Wayne Memorial Hospitals translation program where she can translate English to Chinese speaking hospital patients, but more importantly she is not afraid to “hang out” with her customers in the restaurant. Diana was under the mistaken idea that she had to pass a test in order to learn English. The WPALP explained the difference between tests and assessments for reading levels. It was the first time in years Diana found someone who took the time to explain things to her. Diana submitted the following quote by Susan Polis Schultz to be included with her bio for the 2008 program. “Life Is Yours Take The Power To Choose What You Want To Do And Do It Well.” 


Tracy’s story

When Tracy entered the literacy program her reading and math levels were below 3rd grade. Her math skills were very low. Tracy had a three-year-old daughter and she wanted to be able to help her daughter with reading and school work once her daughter entered school. Tracy worked hard with her tutor and improved her reading and math skills well enough to become employed as a part-time cashier. Tracy’s tutor, Cynthia Gramith also helped teach Tracy how to use a checking account and create a budget. They worked diligently for several years meeting twice each week for several hours each time.  Eventually Tracy was hired full-time and she began to save her money in earnest. Her dream was to own her own home. Her daughter was now eight and doing well in school. Since becoming a full-time employee Tracy had learned to use a checking and savings account, pay her own bills and take care of her home. She managed to save enough money to make a down payment on a mobile home. With her tutors’ help and encouragement, Tracy read and understood all the required documents on her mortgage agreement and purchased her very own home for herself and her daughter! The day came when she gratefully told her tutor she didn’t know how she was going to fit tutoring sessions into her life anymore and her tutor replied that she thought Tracy would be just fine now and wished her well.

John's Story  

One of our recent success stories is a local farmer named John who had dropped out of school in the 8th grade over 20 years ago to help out on his family-owned farm. He was worried he would lose his farm without additional income. He found he needed a GED to even apply for the jobs with the Gas Co.’s working in the Marcellus Shale areas, even though he had acquired the skill sets needed to perform those jobs. He couldn’t attend GED prep classes at Northampton Community College because he had farm duties to attend to. NCC is very strict about student attendance and students will be expelled if they miss too many classes. After several months working with a WPALP volunteer tutor, he passed the GED test and now is in a great position to add needed income.


Ann - With a volunteer literacy tutor working by her side, Ann overcame her inability to read. Over a five-year period, she got a job and got off state assistance, learned how to manage her money and eventually purchased her own home! She was able to provide a better life for herself and her daughter and help her daughter with school work. Something she was afraid she could never do.

Bob - Needed a lot of help to improve his reading and math. After meeting with his tutor twice a week over a three-year period, Bob was able to pass the GED test! During that time, he also got a job, moved into an apartment, paid his bills and even learned how to do his own taxes.

Cindy – Did not know how to read and write. She needed to learn how to read but she also wanted to learn how to use her computer. When Cindy completed the level 2 Laubach Way to Reading skill book, her tutor began using a laptop for their weekly sessions and they worked on typing as well as spelling, reading and writing. Cindy was able to research a typing program online and, on her own, ordered it for her own laptop to practice her typing skills. 

Dan - Came to the US without the ability to speak and understand English. He wanted to go to college but had to pass the GED first. After two years of working with his tutor he passed the GED test and was then able to enter a university. Dan has since graduated at the top of class!

Eve - Also needed to learn to speak, read and write in English. Working one-on-one with her tutor, she began with the Laubach series, she learned English well enough to attended classes and graduate from a local community college. She is now studying for a career in the health care field.

While these stories are true, they are also repetitive. Over the past 30 years there have been hundreds of Ann’s, Bob’s, Cindy’s, Dan’s and Eve’s who have overcome their inability to read, learned to read better and learned English. These adults have learned to comprehend the written word, and many have improved their language skills to be able to live and work in their adopted county of our great USA. We have seen hundreds of students who learned to study for and have passed the GED test. We have helped hundreds of ESL students pass their Citizenship test. Many, many adults have been able to go on to higher education and career paths due to the volunteer tutor who taught them how.

Going into unknown territory can be frightening, but with the help and encouragement of their volunteer tutors and the determination to see things through, these students truly have found the ability to make the changes in their lives that brought them to a better place.


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