What is Saturday May 2, 2020?

A night filled with fun and laughs


A Heartfelt Thank You.


Our thanks to Mr. Sandy Gabrilson from the "Ritz Company Players". As you know, we had a joint event this year, a showing of "Jack of Diamonds" a hilarious comedy. Aside from the hit the show was, I just received half of the box office receipts from the show thanks to Mr. Gabrilson and the players for their generosity. For a great night out, check out the Ritz schedule and come enjoy great talent.


Our Newest Patron Of Literacy

      December 4, 2019 - It is a great day for Wayne Pike as we received a new Patron of Literacy partner. I was given a $5,000.00 donation at the Pike County Commissioner’s meeting this morning by Attorneys Ashley Zimmerman and Jason R. Ohlinger from Weinstein, Zimmerman & Ohlinger , Attorneys at Law in Milford. The law firm noted all of our good works and wanted to give back and be a supporter of our efforts to make a better community. With the illiteracy rate in this area being 22%, Weinstein, Zimmerman & Ohlinger have seen through some clients that illiteracy is a base cause for our social ills. I would like to give all of our thanks to Weinstein, Zimmerman & Ohlinger as well to the Pike County Commissioners, who have always been staunch supporters of this program, by allowing us to be on the agenda today. As we enlarge our English as a Second Language tutoring due to requests from the Delaware Valley School District and our GED program as part of the Pike County Re-Entry Coalition helping released individuals become employed and stay out of the judicial system and therefore saving tax payer money; our budget goes up. Channel 13 was there to record the action as well as interviewing Attorney Ohlinger and myself.  

October 29, 2019


WPALP is happy to announce that Ms. Kathleen E. Martin, esq. has been become a member of our Board of Directors. Ms. Martin has worked with and volunteered with many Not-for-Profits and brings a wealth of experience with her.

October 28, 2019

Today, Wayne Bank again became a Bronze Sponsor for our Lamplighter Campaign. Supporting our community and helping us to make positive contributions to it, is a hall mark of this great bank.


October 7, 2019

WPALP received a substantial donation from the Wayne County Bar Association again this year. The Wayne bar Association has always been a great supporter of our program. If you need legal advice please give them a call, their members can handle any legal question or incident.

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Are you a Champion?

 This is what the awards looked like for our "Literacy Champion's Dinner and Silent Auction", vary few of these have been awarded. Do you think you could earn one of these and join a very exclusive club?

With the illiteracy rate for this area being 22%, supporting literacy not only helps us make a positive change to someone's whole world, it contributes to a better community for all of us.

Message our page, email us at or call 570-253-3221 to find out how you can become a "Literacy Champion". 

October 3, 2019



Last night’s first annual “Literacy Champion’s Dinner” was wonderful except for the weather.  We gave awards to Rosemary Brown, State representative; Wendell Kay, Wayne County Commissioner; Matthew Osterberg, Pike County Commissioner; Tracy Schwarz, Executive Director of Wayne Library Alliance; Rose Chiocchi, Executive Director Pike County Library and Reverend William L. Samford, Pastor of the Hawley First Presbyterian Church and 22 year Board Member of the WPALP. We awarded Ms. Hazel Arana as our student of the year and Ms. Carol Martinkovitch as our Tutor of the year. Annette Petry, WPALP President received an award for 3,776 hours of tutoring over her 21 years as a volunteer for our program. Audrey Wenders was awarded for 28 years as a tutor volunteer. Dinner was provided by Woodlock Springs. We also had some incredible items for our silent auction. It is so nice when we can thank those who have continually supported and /or volunteered for this important program.


September 24, 2019

Great time and a packed house at Silver Birches for the Greater Pike Community Foundation 6th annual dinner.

Literacy Champion's Dinner and Silent Auction

October 3, 20196:00 to 9:00 P.M.

First Presbyterian Church, Hawley, PA

Dinner& Silent Auction


Hon. Rosemary Brown, State Representative

Hon. Wendell Kay, Wayne County Commissioner

Hon. Matt Osterberg, Pike County Commissioner

Ms. Tracy Schwarz, Executive Director Wayne Library Alliance

Ms. Rose Chiocchi, Executive Director Pike County Library

Tickets $50.00

RSVP to or 570-253-3221

By September 27, 2019 Please

Food by Woodlock Pines



Literacy advocate targets 'the one thing that contributes to every social ill'

Milford. Gary Linton, executive director of the Wayne-Pike Adult Literacy Program, cites an alarming statistic: 22 percent of the local population is illiterate or below literacy standards.

LINDA FIELDS /MILFORD /SEP 20 2019 | 05:16 PM 


Gary Linton said the growing need for local literacy education became apparent when he addressed the Delaware Valley School Board. He learned that adults at home can’t help their children with homework.

“We’ve heard that they have children who speak English but the parents don’t, so (the students) can’t go home and get help," he said.

There is little doubt that Linton’s passion is to help adults who need English reading and writing skills. As the executive director of the Wayne-Pike Adult Literacy Program, he is using a recent grant from the Greater Pike Foundation’s Richard L. Snyder Fund to expand the English as a Second Language (ESL) program in Pike County.

The need for literacy programs may be greater than the average person thinks.

“According to ProLiteracy, 22 percent of our population in this area are illiterate or below literacy standards," he said. "We have people around here who can’t read their medicine bottles. Illiteracy is one thing that’s passed on in families, and it’s one thing that contributes to every social ill because it’s hard to get the information that can help them out if they can’t read the literature.”

'Pride and self-esteem'

The Wayne-Pike Literacy Program has been around for 33 years. Linton says the grant will help expand its ESL workshops and help with marketing and advertising.

“When people finally get over the embarrassment and feel the need for the program, they work very hard," he said.

He says his students have come from diverse backgrounds and countries, including Russia, China and Vietnam.

“One student, a parent in Pike County, will be going for her last interview for citizenship at end of month," he said.

That student, who Linton said “worked so darn hard," will be honored at an upcoming dinner as Student of the Year.

Since its inception, Wayne-Pike Literacy has tutored more than 4,000 people and trained more than 450 tutors, all volunteers. Tutors do not need to speak a foreign language, and the program requires a contribution of only one hour a week.

Once a student achieves literacy, says Linton, they are offered help finding a job.

“There’s a lot of pride and self-esteem that comes from employment, especially good employment," he said.

More information on the Wayne-Pike Literacy Program may be found at

Here's a list of some of the places literacy classes are held:The Pike County Public Library ( both Milford and Dingmans Ferry)First Presbyterian Church (Milford)Pike County Extension Office (Milford)Pike County Workforce Development (Shohola)St. Patrick’s Church (Milford)St. Vincent’s Church (Lords Valley)TREHAB of Pike County (Lords Valley)Lehman Township Municipal Building (Bushkill)Pike County Correctional Facility (Lords Valley)

A recent grant from the Greater Pike Foundation’s Richard L. Snyder Fund will expand the English as a Second Language (ESL) program in Pike County.


August 31, 2019


     This past Saturday night was great. WPALP hosted a showing at the Ritz Company Playhouse. The well attended play, a comedy called "Jack of Diamonds" was rousingly funny, the cast superb. WPALP provided light refreshment after the play. Our thanks to The Ritz and all of it's employees for making it a truly remembered night. 

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Greater Pike Community Foundation  Bestows Grant    8/27/19 Annette Petry, President of the Board of WPALP accepting a $3,000.00 grant from The Greater Pike Community Foundation: Richard L. Snyder Fund. This grant will allow us to further support our literacy tutoring in Pike County. The Great Pike Community Foundation:

For Good. Forever.

That’s the simple purpose of the Greater Pike Community Foundation.

The Greater Pike Community Foundation (GPCF) was created to enable generous individuals, families and local businesses to maximize their charitable support through organized, targeted community philanthropy. The Foundation provides a permanent and personal way to give back to the region we love and have worked so hard to nurture and maintain.

Donors can establish a “named” endowment fund with an initial gift of as little as $1000 or make a gift of any size to any of the existing funds targeted to specific needs and opportunities.

As a community foundation, the GPCF professionally administers various types of charitable assets according to guidelines established by each donor, to maximize the long-term positive impact on the greater Pike community. GPCF is governed by a diverse group of civic and business leaders, community stewards and caring volunteers serving on its board of directors.


August 7, 2019 With many thanks, the following are the latest to donate to our Lamplighter fundraiser.

Wayne memorial Hospital, located at 601 Park Street, Honesdale, has become a "Flame Level" supporter by donating $100.00.


Highhouse Energy, 333 Erie Street, Honesdale has become a “Spread the Light” supporter for $25.00



With the exorbitant cost of textbooks and teaching materials and with most books being single use per the course design, to which we have to comply, one pairing of a student (who starts with a low literacy level) with a tutor can cost this program $600.00. As we receive no federal or state money, every one of these donations are precious to our mission. 


8/5/19 Lamplighter Silver level donation

A big "Thank You" to Progressive Health of PA, Inc. Located at 112 E Harford Street in Milford, (570)-296-5156, is our first "Silver Level" supporter for 2019 by donating $300.00 to our Lamplighter Campaign. This will go a long way to help student's defeat their illiteracy. Progressive is a premier Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center celebrating 25 years of  excellence.


8/5/19 Lamplighter Flame Level Donation

Fritz Bros., Inc. 100 Cliff Street, Honesdale , (570)-253-2660,  Has become a "Flame Level" supporter by donating $100.00 to our Lamplighter Campaign to fight the 22% illiteracy rate in NE PA.  

Family-owned and operated since 1930, Fritz Bros., Inc., provides well drilling and water well services to residential and commercial customers in northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Their store offers a full-line of plumbing and heating supplies. They pride themselves on delivering top quality products and services to their patrons. 

Please join these businesses and give to a program that changes whole lives, as well as making positive changes to our community. 

August 1, 2019

 Great time at the Sylvania Social mixer in Hawley. Made great contacts especially with the Women in Business Committee of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce. The Sylvania Social is wonderful, modern and beautiful. The food is great, check it out.